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Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 home learning page. Here you will find some exciting activities that you can do with your child over the next few weeks, alongside other educational resources.

Ideas to support your Year 5 child: 

  • Read lots of different types of texts and discuss them
  • Estimate the area and perimeter of the rooms in your house
  • Write a story including direct speech and parenthesis
  • Create different fractions using everyday objects, then record and compare them
  • Practise Y5/6 spelling words and put them in sentences
  • Recap specific grammatical terminology
  • Practise multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 or 2 digit numbers
  • Practise dividing 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit number
  • Read, write, order and compare decimals, for example money

Please click on the additional tabs (dates) in this section to access the Home Learning Packs.