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Enfield Learning Trust

Bowes Parliament

We are very proud to have our very own school parliament. This is an opportunity to hear the views of all pupils through a democratic process.

Our School Parliament focuses on:

  • Working and learning together
  • Learning about democracy
  • Learning how to play a positive role model in our community
  • Improving our school for everyone 

MPs (Members of Parliament)

We also have Year 6 MPs (Members of Parliament) who work very closely with the Year 6 Councillors and Class Councillors. The MPs meet regularly with the Senior Leadership Team to share the views and opinions of all the children.   

School Council

Our school council are a highly valued group of children who represent the voice and opinions of all the children within our school. The Council is made up of Year 6 children who each have a class to work with alongside a Class Councillor. Through our School Council we aim to develop young leadership skills, whilst supporting student democracy. Most importantly, our strong team of Councillors aim to promote the well-being of the children within our inclusive school.