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Enfield Learning Trust

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

We have a large multi-cultural and harmonious community in Enfield which embraces its diversity. Schools should provide a safe environment for all pupils, regardless of their religion, cultural heritage or sexual orientation. It is also important that pupils are given the tools to understand the world around them and to respect and comply with equalities legislation. Bullying and prejudicial treatment of any form is not welcomed at Bowes Primary School. 

Relationships and Sex Education

From September 2020, all primary schools in England will be required to teach Relationships Education, all secondary schools in England will be required to teach Relationships and Sex Education, and all schools in England will be required to teach Health Education. At primary level all schools will be required to teach about different types of committed stable relationships, which includes LGBTQ+ relationships. 

Parents will not have the right to withdraw their children from Relationships Education. Parents can request to withdraw their children from Sex Education during primary school. 

The curriculum will offer the opportunity to discuss issues around self-esteem, identity, acceptance and anti-bullying strategies. These themes will be explored across the curriculum. Most notably, all pupils will be expected to understand the importance of equality and respect and schools must ensure they comply with the Equality Act 2010. Schools will be supporting all pupils to respect people who are different to them and helping to tackle prejudice-based bullying. All teaching will be age appropriate and at Bowes we are currently developing an approach that works best for our pupils and the local community, while being mindful of our legal obligations under the new guidance. Our aim is to help foster a safe, supportive school environment for young people to grow up in and to build confidence in this teaching. 

Parents will still have the right to withdraw their child from sex education. The school have parent meetings every year prior to the teaching of sex education where parents are shown the content which the children are taught within their child's year group. 

Please find below the PSHE presentation we shared with parents. Our curriculum objectives for each year group can also be viewed below.  



  • Our curriculum has been carefully planned and includes sex education to prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain, ensuring they understand the diverse world they are growing up in today.
  • We intend to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, tolerance and mutual respect of those with different faiths and beliefs. 
  • Our aim is to promote tolerance and understanding to instil the importance of kindness, treating everyone equally and respecting difference.
  • Care and safety are paramount for positive relationships. Through this, the pupils will explore the complexity of relationships they will have both now and throughout their lives.


  • Our carefully planned personal and social health curriculum enables pupils to be become healthy, independent and responsible members of society.
  • It supports them in developing both socially and personally, tackling many of the moral, social and cultural issues that they will experience throughout their lives.
  • Our intentions are to provide pupils with the knowledge and capability to ensure their safety, good health and positive decision making. Part of this, is to encourage our pupils to grow in confidence and self-worth, thus contributing to school life and the wider community.



  • Pupils participate in weekly PSHE lessons, alongside other activities such as circle time or school council activities.
  • Our PSHE programme incorporates a variety of ‘key questions’ to ensure all pupils develop an understanding of their role in the local community and the wider world, how their bodies will change, how to be healthy, celebrating differences and staying safe online.
  • Teachers use and adapt the PSHE ELT overviews to ensure lessons across year groups show progression.
  • We provide opportunities for all pupils to engage in extra-curricular activities during and after school such as visiting the Houses of Parliament or taking part in Public Speaking competitions. This is an inclusive approach which endeavours to encourage not only personal development but also wellbeing.
  • We engage parents in a variety of ways, for example, we encourage participation in curriculum workshops to give parents an opportunity to see what types of lessons and themes are taught.
  • We promote themes of ‘Safety’ within the curriculum, for example, Anti-Bullying Awareness, Online Safety Awareness, NSPCC visits and SMSC assemblies.



  • Our curriculum aims to improve the pupils’ wellbeing, health and understanding of the changing world around them.
  • PSHE aims to equip pupils with the necessary skills to become responsible citizens, build positive relationships and be considerate towards everyone in the wider community irrespective of difference.
  • Our impact is therefore, to motivate pupils to utilise these skills independently, in order to live happy and healthy lives, as well as being aware of the impact their actions have on others.
  • We want our pupils to be able to be successful, resilient and responsible decision makers.