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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What operating system does the Chromebook use?

The Chromebook operating system is produced by Google, who provide a wealth of Apps and services specifically designed to support students in education. Chromebook devices boot-up in a matter of seconds and have a battery life that lasts up to eight hours, dependent on use. 

Q. What controls are in place to protect my child online? 

All pupil devices include LGFL HomeProtect software, which includes the provision of web filtering and device management to keep your child safe. The device will use the school's internet filtering system to ensure pupils only access appropriate material both in and outside of school, regardless of the WiFi connection. 

Q. What technical support is the school able to provide?

The Chromebook section of our website has many 'how to' guides and video tutorials, which we will keep adding to. One of the major advantages of the Chromebooks is that they rarely go wrong. Due to the web-based approach of the Chromebook, they update automatically. If you are unable to find your answer on the website, then please contact us at

Q. Can I use the Chromebook for personal use? 

No. Pupils and parents should not access a Chromebook with any other login other than their Google account previously provided by the school. Pupils should not login to any web-based service with a personal account; as the Chromebook is for educational purposes only. 

When a child is logged into the Chromebook, parents can use them to check on their child's work, view their browsing history or connect with teachers where appropriate through Google Classroom. 

Q. How will the Chromebook be transported? 

All pupils (Year 1 - Year 6) will receive a Chromebook with a protective sleeve. The sleeve fits comfortably into a Bowes book bag/backpack and also has a pocket to store the power cable for charging. 

Q. When will the device be charged? 

It is the pupil's and parent's responsibility to ensure that their device is charged and ready for lessons, as outlined in the Parent Loan Agreement. If the device is not fully charged then the pupil may not be able to fully participate in learning in the classroom. 

Q. What do I do if the Chromebook is lost or stolen? 

Parents are responsible for reporting the loss of a Chromebook to the school and, in the event of a Chromebook being stolen, reporting the theft to the police as soon as possible (and no later than 24 hours), and for supplying the crime number to the school. This is outlined in the Parent Loan Agreement. The school is able to remotely disable the device, rendering it unsuitable. 

Q. What do I do if the Chromebook is faulty or damaged? 

Any faults or damage must be reported to the school within 24 hours at and the Chromebook brought into school. This is outlined in the Parent Loan Agreement.