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Enfield Learning Trust

Bowes Autumn 2 Quests

Please find below a list of all the class Learning Quests for this half term (Autumn 2).

Willow Nursery Sparkly Dark
Laurel Class All Aboard the Laurel Express!
Magnolia Class Choo, Choo, Beep, Beep!
Ruby Class All Aboard!
Cherry Class Back In Time
Cedar Class Me and My Time Machine
Diamond Class Toy Story
Ash Class Location, Location, Location!
Beech Class Destination Enfield
Topaz Class Home and Away
Amber Class Home and Away
Rowan Class Let it burn!
Spruce Class Ring of Fire!
Amethyst Class Erupting Volcanoes. Trembling Earthquakes!
Oak Class Fragile Planet
Maple Class  Green Glory
Coral Class Paradise Planet
Holly Class Miraculous Maya!
Hazel Class Mind-blowing Maya!
Emerald Class My Oh Maya!
Elm Class Darwin Discoveries
Chestnut Class Charles Darwin's Amazing Discoveries
Apple Class Where I am in the world