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Bowes Parliament

All classes from Years 1 - 5 held elections for Class Councillors. Children learnt about the role of Councillors and were invited to make short speeches. All classes voted for their representatives. 

The children enjoyed taking part in this process and will soon be invited to their first Council meeting to discuss their ideas for making changes and improvements at Bowes. 

In Year 6, all children worked in class to write application forms to become an MP on the Bowes Parliament. They all wrote persuasive speeches and learnt tips on public speaking. The children were then invited to make a speech to the whole of Year 6 and SLT. 45 children took part and made some incredible speeches about what they would do if they were elected as an MP. The standard of speeches was extremely high with children showing great confidence and presenting some fantastic ideas. All the children in Year 6 and staff then voted in a secret ballot. 9 MPS have been appointed and they will have an opportunity to put some of their ideas into action. We have also appointed some Year 6 children to the important role of Rights Respecting Ambassadors - these children will be part of the steering group who will be taking a lead on Bowes becoming a Rights Respecting School.