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Enfield Poetry Competition Winner

Children in Year 5 were invited to take part in an Enfield poetry competition. They had to write a poem about an imaginary animal, created from imagination.

The poems were judged by Neal Zetter, who is an award-winning comedy poet and author. He selected the poem by Amelie in Holly Class as the Year 5 winner with her poem entitled Wolswafellra. Amelie wins a signed and dedicated copy of Neal’s latest book of crazy animal poetry: Gorilla Ballerina. Well done, Amelie!

The Wolswafellra by Amelie, Holly Class

It’s caring to its young and ruthless with its prey,

It’s charming out but sharp within,

It’s wolf.

It’s majestic in attitude but clumsy in flight,

It’s swift in water but dawdles on land,

It’s swan.

It’s nimble when it hops and steady when it balances,

It’s gentle when it nips you but cheeky as a nut thief,

It’s squirrel.

It’s sturdy in character but elegant in appearance,

It’s fast in fear but steady while calm,

It’s zebra.

It swims, it flies, it hunts, it glides,

It’s sly by day and fierce by night,

It wears fur and feathers, wings and a tail,

It’s like a dream you’ve never had,

It’s wolswafellra.

Bowes has also got involved with the judging and would like to announce the Bowes Year 5 winner as Diyora with a poem about the Dragphin. Kenzie, Bella and Joshua are the Bowes runners up. Well done to everyone who took part – the poems were fantastic!